Viewing a FileCabinet CS document

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To save time and eliminate the need to open a separate application on your workstation, you can double-click to open and view a document in the FileCabinet CS fcs icon Documents portlet, which can be accessed from the Firm, Staff, or Client dashboard in Accounting CS WorkpapersWorkpapers CS. To navigate through multi-page documents in the portlet, you can use the navigation buttons and drop-down list at the top of the screen.

Left arrow 2 Go to first page of the document.

Left arrow Go to previous page of the document.

Right arrow Go to next page of the document.

Right arrow 2 Go to last page of the document.

FCS viewer drop-down

Select the page to view from the drop-down list.

When you are finished viewing a FileCabinet CS Document in the engagement workspace, use the Back back button button on the application's toolbar to close the document and return to the dashboard.

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