Entering batch payroll for remote payroll entry clients

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For live payroll processing only

Once you have received the confirmation email that the client has completed time entry, you can enter payroll checks for the client.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks.
  2. In the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, select the client from the client selection field at the top, right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the payroll schedule for which you want to create checks.
  4. In the Remote Payroll Entry Import screen, make any necessary changes to the payroll information for the employees on either the Rapid or Detail tab and then click the Enter Batch button saving the information as payroll checks.


  • Only one timesheet can be on the client's portal at a time. If your client has multiple payroll schedules that use remote time entry, only the most recently uploaded timesheet will be available.
  • Any notes entered by the client display on the Notes tab. If the client did not enter any notes there will not be a Notes tab.

For more detailed information about entering batch payroll, see the Entering batch payroll checks topic.

See also: Remote payroll processing workflow

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