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A region is a section of a report as defined within the design grid of the Report Designer. For example, default regions within a report include the Header, Alternate Header, Main, Footer, and Alternate Footer regions.

To change to Region mode so that you can define the properties that apply to a selected region of a report, click the title bar for that region within the design grid to open the Region section in the Design Tools frame.

region prop section

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The Region section of the Design Tools frame includes the following fields and checkboxes.

Current Focus

  • Region. Displays the region that corresponds to the current selection in the design grid.

Region Properties

  • Optional region (checkbox and field). To include a region in the report that you can optionally choose to include or exclude from the report at print time, mark this checkbox and also specify a name for the optional region in the Region name field.
  • Print by default (checkbox). To include the optional region by default at print time, mark this checkbox. Otherwise, it will be excluded by default at print time.

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