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Default print options for a specific report, financial statement, or letter can be defined in the Report tab of the File > Page Setup dialog in the Report Designer. You can modify options such as date ranges and other filtering and sorting options for specific reports at print time in the File > Print - Options dialog from within the Report Designer and in the File > Print Reports screen (displayed on the right-side of the screen).

Setting default report options

  1. Select a report, financial statement, or letter from the Reports list frame in the Report Designer, choose File > Page Setup and click the Report tab.

    Page Setup dialog (Report tab)

    Note: Options in the Reports tab vary based on the type of report that is selected.

  2. In the Date Options section select the desired date type, and then mark the checkbox for each date option that you want to include in the selected report.
  3. In the Filtering and Sorting Options section, mark the checkbox for each tab that you want to make available as a filter option at print time in the File > Print - Options dialog.
  4. Click OK to save the changes and close the dialog.
  5. Save the report. (You may also need to close the Report Designer to see your changes in the File > Print Reports screen.)


  • The default selections made in the Report tab can be manually changed at print time as a one-time override in both the File > Print - Options dialog in the Report Designer and in the File > Print Reports screen.
  • Report options vary in the File > Print - Options dialog based on the report type and the default options that are selected on the Reports tab of the File > Page Setup dialog.

Making one-time changes for a report at print time

Use the following procedure to make one-time changes to a report prior to printing from the File > Print Reports screen. This is useful when you want to apply on-the-fly formatting changes to a specific report, such as adding a watermark, changing the page border, modifying the size of the header/footer, and so forth.

  1. In the File > Print Reports screen, click the Page Setup button at the bottom of the screen to open the Page Setup dialog.
  2. Make the one-time report setting change in the applicable tab and click OK.

See also: Reporting and Report Designer: Procedures; Standard reports list

The following diagram illustrates how the options that you select for a specific report, financial statement, or letter in the File > Page Setup dialog of the Report Designer affect related options in other dialogs and screens.

ACS Report Designer overview

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