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The Report Designer is a complex but very powerful tool that enables you to design custom reports, financial statements, and letters for your clients and your own firm. Accounting CS includes many pre-defined formats that you can use as is or modify to fit your needs. Like many other popular design applications, the Report Designer uses a column-and-row grid system. The comprehensive and versatile nature of the Report Designer gives you the maximum capability to design reports, financial statements, and letters that provide the exact information you need in the exact format you want.

Choose File > Report Designer.

The Report Designer opens in its own screen so that you can conveniently switch between Accounting CS and the Report Designer without having to close either screen. The Report Designer screen includes standard and formatting toolbars, the documents list frame (Reports, Financial Statements, and Letters), the design grid, and the Design Tools frame.

Report Designer screen

In the Report Designer, you can use variables and formulas to define the client information to display, and format the data in professional, easy-to-read documents that you can use for any of your clients. You can open multiple document layouts simultaneously within the Report Designer workspace, and each one opens on a separate tab so that you can easily move from one document to another. While you're working on a document, you can open or close other documents, resize the workspace areas, and hide the Design Tools frame.

Main elements of the Report Designer

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Using the Report Designer

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