Report Designer: Changing the salary rate on a Data Entry Worksheet report

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Our Support department is closed on Friday, April 28th for a company event. However, limited Accounting CS phone support is available on that date from 9 AM - 5 PM ET due to the approaching deadline for quarterly payroll tax forms.

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In the Report Designer, you can change the salary rate on the Data Entry Worksheet report to print the per-check rate.

To open a report or financial statement layout for editing, choose File > Report Designer; in the Reports list frame, click the + sign next to the document type folder to expand the list, and then double-click a report or financial statement layout to open it in the design grid.

Prior to making changes for a report, letter, or financial statement in the Report Designer, we recommend that you choose File > Save As to save the document with a different name. To restore a predefined report in which changes have been made, choose File > Restore Default.

To change the salary rate in the Data Entry Worksheet:

  1. Select cell C19 in the main region of the design grid.
  2. Choose Insert > Conditional Expression and add the following condition to change the annual salary to a monthly salary:

    [Employee.PayItems.CalculationType] - Contains - "Salary"

  3. Add the following actions:
    • If true, print [Employee.PayItems.Rate / 12]
    • If false, print [Employee.PayItems.Rate]

    Show dialog

    ACS report designer data entry worksheet

    Note: If the client is not on a monthly payroll schedule, select the If true, print field and replace the value 12 with the number of annual payroll periods.

  4. Save the report changes by choosing File > Save As.

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