Report Designer: Removing extra space between the header and main regions of a report

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Use the following steps in the Report Designer to format a report that appears to have extra spaces between the header and the body of the report.

Prior to making changes to a report (including letters and financial statements) in the Report Designer, we recommend that you choose File > Save As to save the report with a different name. To restore a predefined report in which changes have been made, you can choose File > Restore Default.

To open a report or financial statement layout for editing, choose File > Report Designer. In the Reports list frame, click the plus (+) sign next to the document type folder to expand the list, and then double-click a report or financial statement layout to open it in the design grid.

  1. Choose File > Page Setup.
  2. Clear the Vertically checkbox in the Center on Page section of the Paper tab, and then click OK.

    Show dialog

    extra space in report

  3. Choose File > Save to save the changes to the report. 

Before and after examples

Vertically checkbox marked on the Paper tab of the File > Page Setup dialog
extra space in report
Vertically checkbox cleared on the Paper tab of the File > Page Setup dialog
extra space in report

Trailing spaces in cells after variables or typed text may also cause blank spaces to appear on your reports. If the Vertically checkbox is cleared in the File > Page Setup dialog, and the blank space still appears on your report, try the following:

  1. Select a cell near the area of blank space that appears on the preview.
  2. In the Contents field (similar to the formula bar in Microsoft Excel), place your cursor at the end of the cell contents.
  3. Use the Delete key to remove any trailing spaces that may be inserted in that cell.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each cell that has blank space near it in the preview.
  5. Choose File > Save to save your changes to the report.

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