Report Designer: Removing blank pages in a report that print between pages

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A column in the design grid that overlaps a vertical page break can cause a blank page to print between each page in the report. To prevent a blank page from printing, you can remove the page break or adjust the vertical sizing of the column.

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vertical page break

Follow these steps to remove or resize a column that appears to the right of the red, vertical page break.

  1. Choose File > Report Designer.
  2. Select the report to open it in the design grid.
  3. To delete a page break, select the column to the right of the page break and choose Insert > Remove Page break — or use one of the following methods to resize a column in the Report Designer.
    • Click the column header letter button of the column to change to column mode, and then choose Format > Column > Width. (You can also right-click the column letter and choose Column Width from the context menu.) Specify the width of the column, and click OK.
    • Hover your mouse pointer between columns and drag the column border to change the width of the column to the left when the mouse pointer displays as a horizontal double-headed arrow.

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      change col width

Note: Repeat these steps for other regions that may overlap the vertical page break in the report.

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