Report Designer: Sorting accounts on financial statements

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By default, GL accounts are sorted by account number on financial statements. The sort order can be modified by following these steps.

To open a report or financial statement layout for editing, choose File > Report Designer. In the Reports list frame, click the + sign next to the document type folder to expand the list, and then double-click a report or financial statement layout to open it in the design grid.

Prior to making changes to a report (including letters and financial statements) in the Report Designer, we recommend that you choose File > Save As to save the report with a different name. To restore a predefined report in which changes have been made, you can choose File > Restore Default.

  1. Once you have a financial statement open in Report Designer, choose File > Page Setup.
  2. Click the Report tab and mark the Chart of Accounts Core checkbox in the Filtering and Sorting Options.

    Page Setup - Report tab

  3. Save the report changes by choosing File > Save As.
  4. The GL Account Description option will now be available in the Primary sort drop-down menu of the Chart of Accounts Core tab.

    FR Sort Options

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