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Use the following procedure to insert a chart into a report in the Report Designer.

  1. Select a cell in which you would like to insert a chart.
  2. Choose Insert > Chart to open the Chart dialog.
  3. Use the various tabs in the Chart dialog to define the following chart properties.
    1. At the top of the Type tab, select a chart type by clicking one of the chart buttons. A preview of the selected chart type is displayed on the tab.
    2. On the Source Data tab, enter the cell range that defines the data points in the Cell range field. For example, to include Total Assets in the Balance Sheet - Current Year - Prior Year financial statement, enter B27:D27 in the Cell range field. Define the collection (data points) labels for the chart and series (legend entries) labels for the chart.
    3. On the Chart Area Properties tab, enter a title, subtitle, define the font properties for the text, the height and width, and the border pattern of the chart.
    4. On the Plot Area Properties tab, mark the Display in 3D checkbox to display the chart in 3D.
    5. On the Axes Properties tab, mark the Display grid lines checkboxes for either the X or Y axes to display grid lines, choose the format, font, and define decimal places / number formatting.
    6. On Series Properties tab, select the color palette and choose to display and format data labels .
    7. On the Legend Properties tab, mark the checkbox to display, define the position, and select the font for the legend .
  4. Click OK to save the settings for the chart and close the Chart dialog.

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  • A chart's cell range cannot reference a repeating cell. We recommend that you create separate total rows for each account or group of accounts, so the chart can reference them separately. For example, create separate total rows for expenses such as Rent, Auto Loan, and Utilities, and so forth. For details, see Showing the total of multiple accounts.
  • A cell in the Report Designer that contains a chart is indicated by a light-blue tag in the top-left corner. The chart is visible only when you preview or print the report or statement.
  • You must insert the chart in the same region in which the source data exists.
  • To format an existing chart, select the row in which the chart was inserted, and choose Format > Chart.
  • To delete an existing chart, select the cell in which the chart was inserted, and choose Insert > Remove Chart.

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