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Use the Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks screen to enter handwritten (after-the-fact) payroll checks from the same pay period for a group of employees. You can modify certain pay, deduction, and tax information on either the Rapid or the Detail tab prior to clicking the Enter Batch button.

Choose Actions > Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks.


  • Overridden payroll check amounts in the Rapid and Detail tabs and the Distributions dialogs display in red text. The application automatically recalculates all payroll check values when amounts are overridden and recalculates the values again when overrides are cleared.
  • To revert a single overridden field to its original amount, put your cursor in the field and then choose Edit > Clear Override. To revert all overridden fields in the current check to their original amounts, choose Edit > Clear Check Overrides.
  • Once you have entered a batch of handwritten payroll checks, you can generate liabilities for the checks in the Enter Transactions screen. For more information, see Entering historical payroll data.

To customize and save data entry options per client, choose Edit > Options to open the Enter Handwritten Payroll Checks Options dialog.

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