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Alerts and notices

Use the Minimum Wage Requirements dialog to choose whether to modify the rate or the amount of employee payroll checks so that the checks meet the minimum wage requirements or choose to enter the payroll checks without making any adjustments.

The Minimum Wage Requirements dialog displays when you enter employee payroll checks that do not meet minimum wage requirements. It displays the current tipped wage rates and reported tips amounts for each check in question.

Fields & buttons

  • Increase the tipped wage rate to the required tipped wage rate
  • Increase the reported tips amount to the required reported tips amount
  • Ignore this alert and enter the payroll without making any adjustments

The grid contains information about the payroll checks that do not meet minimum wage requirements.

  • Employee ID
  • Employee Name
  • Tipped Wage Rate
  • Required Tipped Wage Rate. This is the minimum wage requirement for tipped employees in the employer's business jurisdiction. If you have set an alternative minimum wage rate for a tipped employee, that rate appears in this field for the employee.
  • Reported Tips Amount
  • Required Reported Tips Amount

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