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A period indicator is a symbol or code that tells the application the time period to pull amounts from for a specific column, row, cell, or group of cells. A period indicator can specify a single period, year-to-date, cumulative, beginning balance, or total amount for the current or preceding years.

In Column mode, Row mode, or Cell mode make your selection from the drop-down list in the Period field in the Properties frame. For a complete list of period indicators, you can click the Select Period Periods button button to open the Period dialog.

Example of creating a date formula

Follow these steps to create a simple formula that would display the beginning balance amount for the current period in the report.

  1. Select the column, row, or cell in the design grid for the selected report, and then click the Select Period Periods button button in the Properties section of the Design Tools grid.
  2. In the Period dialog, leave default value in the Year field as C - Current year, select CY - Current year-to-date in the Period grid, click the minus (-) operator button, and then select CP - Current period.
  3. Click OK to insert the formula into the selected column, row, or cell of the report.

Period indicator examples

The following is a list of some of the period indicators that are available in the Report Designer. (For a complete list of period indicators, you can click the Select Period Periods button button to open the Period dialog.)

  • CP - Current period
  • CY - Current year-to-date
  • CZ - Current year cumulative
  • CB - Current year beginning balance
  • CT - Current year total
  • C1 - Current year-Period 1 (First period of the fiscal year. For example, for a monthly GL client, C1 will pull in the activity for the month of January when the year end is December.)
  • CP-1 - 1 period ago
  • CP-2 - 2 periods ago


  • You can format all of the cells in a column or row by clicking the column or row header buttons in the design grid.

    Procedure example: If column B should display the current period information, you can highlight the entire column and enter the correct period indicator, CP, in the Period field. This will automatically enter CP for all cells in that column. Then highlight and change the individual cells that require different indicators. This is much faster than inserting the period indicator in each cell for a column.

  • While many period indicators exist in the drop-down list for the Period field, you can specify other periods by clicking the Select Period Periods button button. A complete list of period indicators is displayed for current year. The Year field can be used to change the list of period indicators for up to 9 prior years.

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