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The Kotapay Vendor List dialog lists all vendors that are stored in Kotapay's vendor database for Accounting CS users and all local vendors that are specific to your Kotapay ACH ID. (The application uses the number from the EIN/SSN field in the Setup > Clients > Main tab as the ACH ID.) Before you can transmit vendor payment information to Kotapay, you must associate the selected vendor with a vendor listed in this dialog.

Disclaimer: Kotapay (formerly InterceptEFT) is an unaffiliated third party that some of our customers have engaged to provide direct deposit, tax payments, ACH processing, or credit card merchant services.

From the Setup > Vendors > Online Bill Pay tab, click the Ellipsis button button next to the Vendor field.

Fields & buttons

Mark the checkbox next to the Kotapay vendor to which you want to link this vendor. Note that you can select only one Kotapay vendor per vendor.

All of the fields in the grid are read-only. Accounting CS retrieves the information from Kotapay and enters it in the appropriate fields.

The Payment Type column indicates the type of payment that the vendor accepts. For new vendors, the payment type will be listed as Check. After Kotapay receives confirmation that the vendor accepts ACH payments, the payment type will change to ACH.

The Vendor Type column indicates the vendor type - Global vendor or Local vendor.

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