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Use the Distributions dialog to change the default distribution of hours or amounts of pay items, deductions, employer contributions, taxes, and sales amounts among the various locations and departments associated with an employee. The distributions are detailed in the Payroll Department Summary report.

The name of the dialog and the columns within the dialog grid differ depending on the section from which the dialog is opened.

Choose Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks, click the Detail tab, and then click the Ellipsis button button in the Main, Pay, Deductions, Employer Contributions, or Taxes section.

For explanations and examples of how the hours and amounts of payroll items and taxes are automatically allocated to locations and departments for employees, please refer to the Location/Department allocation of payroll items and taxes topic.

Fields & buttons

The columns in this dialog differ depending on whether you are changing the distribution of payroll item amounts or tax amounts.

Use the rows of the grid to reallocate the amounts to the employee's locations and departments.

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