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The Change Posting Period dialog enables you to select a specific year and processing period for the current client.

Choose Actions > Change Posting Period.


  • To change the posting period for a different client, close this dialog and select the desired client from any of the data-entry windows in which you can select a client, and then reopen this dialog.
  • You can change the Period frequency for the client on the Setup > Clients > Accounting Information tab.
  • Because the application saves year-end distribution options, you can move between prior years and the current year without manually closing each fiscal year.
  • Only equity accounts (those with a classification code of EQ assigned to it) are included in the drop-down list in the Account column.

Fields & buttons

  • Year. Select the year to which you want to move the selected client. The available years are based on the years defined in the Period End Dates dialog and can include one future year and an unlimited number of prior years.

    As you change the selected year, the application updates the list of available period end dates in the Posting Period grid. The grid lists all available period end dates for the selected year and includes the last period end date of the prior year and the first period end date of the future year.

  • Posting Period grid. Select the period to which you want to move the selected client. The list of periods are based on the period end dates defined in the Period End Dates dialog.

The Close Posting Period section is available only when the closed periods functionality has been enabled for Accounting CS by marking the Enable close posting periods for Accounting CS checkbox in the Setup > Clients > Accounting Information tab .

Use this section to select the posting period through which to close a client data to prevent adjustments from being made to those periods. For additional information see Closing GL periods in Accounting CS .

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