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In the Time Clock Import dialog, specify the import filename (such as *.XML or *.TCI), the folder location, and (for an ASCII file type) the payroll period date, and then click the Import button to continue the import process.

You can import salaried employee information using the Time Clock import. To create checks for salaried employees via the Time Clock import, the employee ID and the corresponding payroll item must be included in the time clock file. The hours fields are optional for salaried employees.

Time Clock import files must be named xxxxx.TCI (ASCII formatted files) or xxxxx.XML (XML formatted files), where xxxxx is the desired file name. If you are importing a SwipeClock file, you will need to manually change the TXT file extension to TCI prior to import.

Choose Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks and select a client that uses a time clock application for payroll entry. Select the appropriate schedule from the Payroll Schedule field to open the Time Clock Import dialog.

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