Inserting links from the Workpapers CS ribbon in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

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When you open a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel workpaper from the engagement binder you can use the Workpapers ribbon to insert a link to an existing workpaper in the engagement.

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  1. Open a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel workpaper in Accounting CS and select a cell in which to insert a link to an existing document or workpaper.
  2. Click the Insert Workpapers Link Insert Workpapers button in the Workpapers CS ribbon to open the Insert Workpaper Link dialog.

    Insert Workpaper Link dialog

  3. Highlight the row that contains the link to insert and click OK. (The link name is the workpaper reference.)


  • The first item in the Workpapers grid of the Insert Workpaper Link dialog is highlighted by default.
  • Links can be created only for workpapers that are present in the same engagement binder as the current Microsoft Word or Excel workpaper.
  • Links open as read-only if the target of the link is checked out, disconnected, or otherwise in use in the engagement binder.
  • Links open in the same format in which the workpaper was created (for example, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Reader).
  • Links to PDFs launch in the default reader that is installed on your workstation. If you need to update it in a PDF editor, such as the editor installed with Workpapers CS or externally in Adobe Acrobat, be sure to launch the PDF from the Engagement Binders Tree portlet.

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