Adding accounts to the chart of accounts

Alerts and notices

Use the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen to add accounts to the chart of accounts.

Note: If you are licensed only for the Accounting CS Payroll, refer to the payroll-only Adding accounts to the chart of accounts procedure.

  1. Choose Setup > Chart of Accounts, and click the Add button.
  2. In the Chart of Accounts screen, enter a unique account number that conforms to the mask as it was set up in the Setup > Clients > Account Mask tab, and as it is displayed at the top of the Chart of Accounts screen.

    Note: If the core segment includes a decimal separator, you must enter the decimal. The application does not automatically add it for you.

  3. Add a description for this account in the Description field.
  4. Select the classification code (required). If applicable, you can also select a subcode.
  5. Click the Enter button to save the new account.


  • You can add new accounts on the fly. If you attempt to use an account that does not yet exist (when you're entering transactions, for example), you are prompted to add the account. If you choose to do so, the Chart of Accounts screen opens to allow you to add the account.
  • You can mark the Inactive checkbox next to the Description field to make the selected account inactive. Inactive accounts are filtered from all account drop-down lists throughout the application, so they are not available for selection.
    To include inactive accounts in the Accounts list frame in the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen, mark the Include inactive checkbox in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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