Changing the posting period for a client

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The application enables you to change the processing period for which you enter data for the current client. Use the Actions > Change Posting Period command to change the processing period for the current client or to close the year for the client. You can move forward to a future period, or you can move back to a prior period. Client data is automatically moved to the next processing period when the period is changed.

The current posting period ending date is shown in the bottom left corner of the Accounting CS status bar. If there is an asterisk after the date, that means you're not in the latest posting period for the client.

  1. Choose Actions > Change Posting Period or click the Change Posting change posting button button in the application toolbar.
  2. Verify that the current client is the client for which you want to change the posting period. (To select a different client, close this dialog and select the desired client from any of the data-entry windows in which you can select a client, and then confirm that you want to move to the next processing period.)
  3. Select the year to which you want to move the posting period. The available years can include one future year and an unlimited number of prior years.
  4. Select the appropriate posting period.
  5. Click OK.

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