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Use the Chart of Accounts screen to add, modify, or delete accounts in your Chart of Accounts. (If you are licensed only for Accounting CS Payroll, use the live payroll-only version of the Chart of Accounts screen.)

Choose Setup > Chart of Accounts.

Note: You can add accounts on the fly by entering a unique account number in any account field and then pressing TAB to move to the next field. When you enter an account that does not yet exist, the application prompts you to add the account; choose Yes at the prompt to open the Chart of Accounts screen.

Fields & buttons

Displays the account mask that was set up in the Setup > Clients > Account Mask tab. You cannot modify the account mask in this field.

In the Identification section, enter basic information about the account.

  • Account number. Enter a unique account number that conforms to the account mask format (including account segments, if applicable). If the account mask includes separators, you do not need to enter those separators. For example, if the account mask is xxx-xx-xxxx and you enter 123456789, the application will display the number as 123-45-6789. However, if the core segment includes a decimal separator, you must enter the decimal when typing the account number.
  • Description. Enter a descriptive name for this account using up to 120 characters.
  • Inactive checkbox. Mark this checkbox to designate this as an inactive account. The application filters inactive accounts from all account drop-down lists throughout the application, so they are not available for selection. However, you can include inactive accounts in reports, and you can reactivate the account at any time by clearing this checkbox.
  • Classification code/subcode. Select the applicable account classification code (required) from the drop-down list, and then select the applicable subcode (optional).

    Note: You cannot modify or delete any of the predefined account classification codes or subcodes.

Note: Click the Edit Multiple Accounts link at the bottom of the screen to edit general information, assign codes, renumber accounts, segmentize accounts, and merge accounts. For details, see Edit multiple accounts.

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