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The Workers' Compensation tab contains all workers' compensation codes for this client.

Choose Setup > Clients and then click the Workers' Compensation tab.

Fields & buttons

All workers' compensation codes for this client should be entered in the Workers' Compensation grid. The application contains the valid classification codes and associated descriptions for each state. The codes entered here will then be available for selection for individual employees.

  • State. Select the state(s) in which this client holds workers' compensation insurance. The states available are pulled from the addresses set up in the Main tab of the Clients screen.
  • Code. Select the classification code(s) that pertain to the work performed by this client.
  • GL Liability/GL Expense. Select the appropriate General Ledger liability and expense accounts to be used when journal entries related to the accrual of workers' compensation amounts are created. The account numbers entered here will be used by default for all the client's employees, but can be modified for individual employees in the Workers' Compensation tab of the Setup > Employees screen. Liability accounts available here include any with the classification code CL or LTL. Expense accounts available here include any with the classification code EXP.
  • Eff. Date Use the Workers' Compensation Rate dialog to enter the effective date on which the workers' compensation policy takes effect.
  • Rate. Use the Workers' Compensation Rate dialog to enter the workers' compensation rate assigned to the selected code. The rate should be entered as a percentage rather than a decimal.
  • Exp. Mod. Use the Workers' Compensation Rate dialog to enter the experience modification percentage for this client, if it is not already included in the workers' compensation rate.
  • Agent. Select the payroll agent (if any) to associate with the accumulated worker's compensation premiums. The Agent drop-down menu includes any vendors set up as type Payroll Agent. (For Washington only, this will be the tax agent.)
  • Inactive. This checkbox cannot be modified in this grid, but is marked or unmarked depending on the status of the Inactive checkbox in the Workers' Compensation Rate dialog for this code.

Note: InsurePay and XactPAY are stand-alone pay-as-you-go Workers' Compensation applications and do not require additional Workers' Compensation setup to function (although InsurePay does use some Workers' Compensation functionality).

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