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Use the Schedule tab to set up a deposit, check, AP check, payment, or AP payment template that creates transactions on a specific schedule.

Choose Setup > Transaction Templates. Select the appropriate transaction type (Deposit, Check, AP check, Payment, or AP payment) from the Type field in the Transaction Detail section. In the Template tab, select Scheduled from the Type field, and then click the Schedule tab.

Fields & buttons

  • Recurs. (Required) Select the frequency at which to create transactions from this template.
    • Monthly. To create transactions on the same day of the month, click the Create on day <x> of every <x> month(s) option, and then select the day number from the first field and the number of months between transactions from the second field.

      Example: To create a transaction on the 15th day of every month, choose: Create on day 15 of every 1 month.

      To create transactions on the same day of the week, click the Create on the <x> <day> of every <x> month(s) option, select the number and day, and then select the number of months between transactions.

      Example: To create a transaction on the second Friday of every other month, choose: Create on the Second Friday of every 2 months.

    • Semimonthly. Enter the day of the month on which to create the first and second transactions from this template.

      Example: To create transactions on the 15th and 30th of every month, choose: First day: 15 and Second day: 30.

    • Weekly. Enter the number of weeks between which to create the transactions, and then mark the checkbox for each day of the week to create it.

      Example: To create transactions on Tuesdays and Fridays every three weeks, choose: Create every 3 and mark the Tuesday and Friday checkboxes.

  • Must occur on weekdays. To create a transaction on the closest weekday within the same posting period if it falls on a weekend, mark this checkbox. If the scheduled date is a Saturday, it will be created on the Friday before if the Friday is in the same posting period as the scheduled Saturday; if the scheduled date is a Sunday, it will be created on the Monday after if the Monday is in the same posting period as the scheduled Sunday.
  • Start date. (Required) Enter the date to determine when to start creating transactions from this template, or use one of the date entry shortcuts.

    For example, if the template is set up to create a transaction every 12 months on the first day of January and the start date is January 15, 2012, the application will create a transaction on January 1, 2013.

  • Prompt before creating transaction(s). Mark this checkbox to have the application prompt you when transactions are scheduled to be created. The application will open the Create Scheduled Transactions from Templates dialog when you open the Enter Transactions screen. In the dialog, you can select specific transactions to create for the client. For each transaction, you can select or update the bank account, journal, and posting period to use for the created transaction. If a selected transaction is the last transaction to be created from a scheduled template and the remaining scheduled amount is less than the scheduled transaction amount, the application displays the amount in italics.
  • Create <x> days in advance. To create a scheduled transaction a specific number of days before the transaction date, enter that number in this field.

Select the criteria to determine when to stop creating transactions from this template. If you select No end, the application will continue to create transactions from this template until you change this setting or delete the template. If you select Amount or Number of instances, the following fields are available.

  • Total. Enter the total amount across all transactions to be created from this template (Amount), or the total number of transactions to be created from this template (Number of instances).
  • Less completed. This field displays the amount for or number of transactions already created from this template. Each time the application creates a scheduled transaction from this template, it updates the amount or number in this field.
  • Adjustment. If necessary, enter a positive or negative value to bring the value in the Remaining field to the correct amount or number.

    Example: You will be depositing $200 per month for six months, beginning November 1, 2012 ($1,200 total). The client is a calendar year end client, and the 2012 year has been closed. Enter or select the following values to set up the template.

    End schedule based on Total Adjustment
    Amount 1,200 400
    Number of instances 6 2
  • Remaining. This field displays the total amount or number of transactions remaining to be created. When this amount reaches 0.00 or the number reaches 0, the application will stop creating transactions from this template. Because the application will not exceed the total scheduled amount, it will reduce the transaction amount for the last transaction created from the template if necessary.

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