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Use Journal entry transactions to record journal entries for your client. You can enter journal entry transactions in the General journal or in any of journals that were set up in the Setup > Journals screen. Note that you must distribute the journal entry so that the sum of the distribution amounts equals zero.

Choose Actions > Enter Transactions, select Journal entry from the Type drop-down list.

Tabbed pages in this screen

Distribute the journal entry to one or more accounts. The sum of the distribution amounts must equal zero.

Note that if you select a GL account that is associated with a bank account, the application will automatically create a corresponding proxy transaction.

Enter miscellaneous information about the journal entry that may be helpful when you are reviewing journal entry transactions. If you enter any information in this tab, the application displays an icon in the Notes Note icon column for the transaction.

This tab displays the date and time that the selected journal entry was added and includes the ID and name of the staff person who added it.

Fields & buttons

If you set up a transaction template for this type of journal entry, you can select that template from the drop-down list to have the application enter the default information that is included in the template. You can override any of the default information, as necessary.

Enter a reference for the journal entry.

Enter the journal entry date.

Enter a description for this journal entry.

Mark this checkbox to have the application reverse the journal entry when advancing to the next posting period.

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