Domestic ACH file structure and contents

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The ACH file created by the application is organized as follows. Click a record type in the diagram for details about that type.

An ACH file is a simple ASCII-format file that adheres to Automated Clearing House specifications. A single ACH file holds multiple electronic transactions, much like a manila file folder that is used to store and transmit dozens of sheets of paper with information related to a single topic. Each transaction within an ACH file carries either a credit or a debit value. Typically, a payroll ACH file contains many credit transactions to employees' checking or savings accounts, as well as a balancing debit transaction to the employer's (that is, your client's) payroll account.

ACH file structure

image File Header Record Company Batch Header Record Company Batch Header Record 2 Entry Detail Record Tax Deposit Addenda Company Batch Control Record Entry Detail Record 2 Tax Deposit Addenda 2 Company Batch Control Record 2 File Control Record

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