International ACH File - First IAT addenda record

Alerts and notices

The first IAT Addenda Record (7 Record) includes the following information (position numbers are listed in parentheses)

Field Name Contents (and position numbers)
Record Type Code

The numeral 7.
(01-01) 1 numeric.

Addenda Type Code

The numeral 10.
(02-03) 2 numeric.

Transaction Type Code

SAL for Salary/Payroll, TAX for Tax payments, LOA for Loan. Other possibilities are: PEN for Pension, DEP for Deposit, and MIS for Miscellaneous.
(04-06) 3 alphanumeric.

Foreign Payment Amount

The Amount calculated by the application for this account distribution of this transaction. When the Foreign Exchange Indicator is set to FF (Fixed-to-Fixed), this field contains the amount for which the entry is to be received by the Foreign Receiver in the currency denomination expressed in the ISO Destination Currency Code field of the Company/Batch Header Record.
(07-24) 18 numeric.

Foreign Trace Number

(25-46) 22 alphanumeric.

Receiving Company Name / Individual Name

Contains the employee or vendor name associated with the transaction.
(47-81) 35 alphanumeric.


(82-87) 6 numeric.

Entry Detail Sequence Number

Contains the last seven digits of the number entered in the Trace Number field in the corresponding Entry Detail Record.
(88-94) 7 numeric.

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