International ACH File - Sixth IAT addenda record

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The Sixth IAT Addenda Record (7 Record) includes the following information (position numbers are listed in parentheses)

Field Name Contents (and position numbers)
Record Type Code

The numeral 7.
(01-01) 1 numeric.

Addenda Type Code

The numeral 15.
(02-03) 2 numeric.

Receiver Identification Number

Blank. This field can be used by the originator to insert its own number for tracing purposes.
(04-18) 15 alphanumeric.

Receiver Street Address

Contains the employee or vendor physical street address associated with the transaction. This will be the Resident address for employees or the Mailing address for vendors.
(19-53) 35 alphanumeric.


(54-87) 34 alphanumeric.

Entry Detail Sequence Number

Contains the last seven digits of the number entered in the Trace Number field in the corresponding Entry Detail Record.
(88-94) 7 numeric.

See also: International ACH file structure and contents

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