Paying liabilities

Alerts and notices

Use the Payroll Liabilities tab of the Print Checks screen to print payments for all or selected clients or vendors with unpaid liabilities.

After liabilities have been created via payroll check printing, invoice printing, or through the generation of liabilities for handwritten checks, and you are ready to pay them, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Print Checks and click the Payroll Liabilities tab.
  2. Expand the list of liabilities for each client and vendor by clicking the plus sign next to the client and vendor records. The unpaid liabilities for each vendor are displayed grouped by their transaction date or the date of the payroll they were generated from.  You can select liabilities for one or more transaction dates to be paid.

    Note: You can change the bank account from which the payment is made by updating the information in the Payment Preferences section of the Main tab of the Setup > Vendors screen.

  3. Either mark the checkboxes for individual liabilities or mark the checkbox next to the client or vendor record to pay all liabilities for that client or vendor.

    Note: If the payment amount for a vendor is negative, you will be unable to print the check. Negative liabilities are generated when payroll checks are voided, deleted, or reversed. For more information about managing payroll liabilities, see Adding or deleting unpaid payroll liabilities.

  4. If you want to use the liability due date as the payment date, mark the Use due date as payment date checkbox. If multiple liabilities are selected for a vendor and they have different due dates, the earliest of those dates will be used as the payment date. If this checkbox is not marked, the system date is used as the payment date by default.
  5. When the appropriate liabilities are selected, click the Print Selected button to open the Print dialog and then print the payment checks.
  6. The Check Printing Confirmation dialog displays to verify that all checks printed successfully. If they did, click Yes. If they did not, click No.
  7. If you click No, you'll be prompted to select the checks that did not print correctly. Select them and click OK.

    Note: If you click No, the liabilities remain in the Payroll Liabilities tab until they are success fully paid or until they are deleted in the Actions > Manage Payroll Liabilities screen.