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Use the Manage Payments screen to apply payments and credit memos to open payables, to select payables for payment, and to select online vendor payments to be processed. This screen includes all payables and credit memos with open amounts that were entered in the Actions > Enter Payables screen and all AP checks and AP payments with open amounts that were entered in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen.


  • This screen does not include any voided, deleted (including historical), reversed, or reversal transactions, nor does it include any regular checks or regular payments.
  • All payables are shown with positive amounts; all credit memos, AP checks, and AP payments are shown with negative amounts.
  • A right-click context menu is available in this screen to enable you to select transactions to pay, apply, or clear. Accessing the right-click menu from a column heading or from the gray area above the grid will apply to the entire grid. Accessing the right-click menu from within a group in the grid will apply to only that group. Depending on how the payments are grouped, the following commands may be available.
    • Select all to pay
    • Select all to apply
    • Clear all

Choose Actions > Manage Payments.

Tabbed pages in this screen

Rapid tab

Detail tab

Fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox to have the application use the due date from the selected payable as the payment date. If multiple payables are selected for a vendor and they have different due dates, the application uses the earliest of those dates as the payment date. When this checkbox is not marked, the application uses the system date as the payment date.

Click this button to have the application apply the items selected in the Apply column together.

Click this button to create payments for the selected payables.

  • If there are checks to be printed locally in your office, the Print dialog opens for you to select various print options. After the application creates the payments, it does the following.
    • Applies the payments to the payables.
    • Reduces the open balance amounts and removes any unapplied payments that were used.
    • Adds the payments to the Actions > Enter Transactions screen.
  • If there are payments or checks to transmit to InterceptEFT for online bill payment, the application does the following.

Disclaimer: InterceptEFT is an unaffiliated third party that some of our customers have engaged to provide direct deposit, tax payments, ACH processing, or credit card merchant services.

  • Enter button. Click this button to save any payment application work in progress. It does not apply the payments to the payables.
  • Cancel button. Click the button to return any payment applications to their last saved state.

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