Additional Contacts dialog

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Use the Additional Contacts dialog to enter information for your company, vendors, and customers.

Click the Ellipsis button button in the Additional Contacts section in the Main tab of any of the following screens.

Fields & buttons

In the Contact section, enter the name of the contact person and, optionally, a title, company, and a salutation.

In the Addresses section, enter an address for the contact person. Use the Address verification feature (click the Location button button) to enter the city and state or ZIP code.

Note: You can enter up to three addresses for the contact person - Business, Home, or Other - by clicking the Selection button button to select the applicable type. Specify an address as the mailing address by marking the Mailing address checkbox.

In the Phone and fax numbers section, enter the phone and fax number information for the contact person. You can enter multiple contact phone numbers by clicking the Selection button button to select the applicable type.

In the Email and web addresses section, enter the contact person's email address and website URL.

Note: Once information has been entered, click the Email button button to open your default email client with this address in the To: line, and click the Website button button to automatically open the specified website using your default browser.

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