Direct Deposit Advanced Setup dialog

Alerts and notices

Use the Advanced Setup dialog if your bank or third-party processor requires further direct deposit setup information. As with the information in the Bank Accounts screen, check with your bank or third-party processor to be sure which options to choose and which fields to complete.

From the Bank Accounts screen: Choose Setup > Bank Accounts, click the Client Direct Deposit tab, and then click the Advanced Setup button.

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Fields & buttons

You can choose to include in the ACH files either your company name or another name specified by you.

You can specify that the ACH file includes as the company identification either your company's EIN or whatever information is specified by the bank, which you can enter here. If a leading number is required, select it from the Leading number drop-down list.

You can include either the individual's EIN or SSN, ID, or no individual identification at all.

You can modify the effective date for different types of transactions in this section. You can also choose the number of banking days (before or after the check date or system date) by which to offset the effective date.

If required, enter information in the following fields or mark the following checkboxes.

  • Reference code.
  • Company discretionary data.
  • Company descriptive data.
  • Use file header. Mark this checkbox if you want to use a file header. You can click the File Header Setup button to open the File Header Setup dialog and enter up to 64 alphanumeric characters for a file header.
  • Exclude company / batch control record (8 record).
  • Consolidate identical company / batch header records (5 records)
  • Add CR/LF to the last line of the ACH file. If the bank requires that ACH files include a carriage return/line feed (hard return) at the end of the last line, mark this checkbox.

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