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For live payroll processing only

The Time Clock Entry Import dialog opens after you select the time clock file to import and enables you to view or override and print the rates to use for pay items. The dialog also enables you to view or print the details of the import file.

Choose Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks and select a client that uses a time clock application for payroll entry. Select the appropriate schedule from the Payroll Schedule field, which opens the Time Clock Import dialog. Navigate to the client's time clock file and then click the Import button to open the Time Clock Entry Import dialog.

Rate Changes tab

Use the grid in the Rate Changes tab to view the current rates specified for payroll items in the application or, if applicable, to override those with new rates specified in the time clock import file.

The Rate Change grid lists the pay items included in the time clock import file, the current rate specified in Accounting CS for each of those pay items, and (if applicable) the new rate specified within the time clock import file.

To accept a new rate that is specified in the import file for a specific payroll item, leave the checkbox marked for that item.

To ignore a new rate associated with a payroll item and continue to use the rate currently specified in Accounting CS, clear the checkbox for that payroll item.

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Time Clock Entry Detail tab

Use the expandable grid in the Time Clock Entry Detail tab to view and print the details of the import file.

The top level of the grid contains the list of employees whose information is included in the file.

  1. Click the + sign next to an employee name to expand the display and show the location and department.
  2. Click the next-level + sign to display the employee's pay item, rate, hours (regular, OT, and DT), and check amount.

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