Downloading and applying software updates using CBS connect

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As of June 1, 2017, Thomson Reuters no longer provides support or application updates for Client Bookkeeping Solution. If your client continues to use CBS, see Importing CBS transactions data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Accounting CS.

Using CBS Connect, you can obtain the software updates applicable to the Client Bookkeeping Solution modules for which you are licensed as soon as the updates become available.

  1. Open your CBS company database by using a right-click on the Client Bookkeeping Solution icon and clicking on Run as administrator.
  2. Choose File > Update CBS to open the CBS Connect dialog.
  3. Click the Download now option, and then click the Download button. If the Download button is not available, this is usually due to security settings. See The option to download CBS connect updates is not available to resolve this issue.
    The Connection Status dialog indicates approximately how long it will take to download any available updates for your Client Bookkeeping Solution software.
  4. You may choose to download the updates or to disconnect without downloading (by clicking the Don't DL Any Updates button). If you do not make a selection within 10 seconds, CBS Connect automatically begins downloading.
  5. Once software updates are available to apply, the program will prompt you to apply these updates. Click the Yes button. All users of a networked program must exit the program to which the updates are being applied.

Important! While the Connection Status dialog is open, your computer is still connected to the CBS Connect host computer. CBS Connect automatically logs off the CBS Connect host computer and disconnects after it has finished downloading the updates, or you may click the Cancel button at any time to manually disconnect the call. Do not be concerned if you accidentally disconnect the call during the downloading of the updates. CBS Connect will know that the download was not completed and will not allow you to apply updates to your computer. You will simply need to connect to the host computer at a later time to download the remaining updates.


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