Steps to transferring a CBS client from another firm

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As of June 1, 2017, Thomson Reuters no longer provides support for Client Bookkeeping Solution. On that date we discontinued phone and email support and we no longer provide application updates. For more information, see the following topics.

If CBS is Installed on the Client's Computer:

Click here for the form to transfer a CBS client from another firm to your own firm's CBS Master License. This form needs to be filled in by the releasing firm as well as the receiving firm and then sent back to our Customer Service department for processing. Once this is complete, you will need to download your latest Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) license in order for that client to be added to your CBS Master License.

If the Client is Using CBS ASP:

  1. Have the client make a current database backup (File > Backup > Database) their local drive. Keep in mind that the V:\ drive is the same as the client's C:\ drive when in CBS ASP.

    Backup any customized layouts by going to File > Backup > Layouts.

  2. The program makes automatic backups and copies of exports during certain events so it may be a good idea to copy over some or all of those archived files. Go to Utilities > Administrator Utilities. The Archive Folder Maintenance tab is where the client can select multiple archived backups and/or exports to the bottom pane and click on the Copy button to copy them to his/her local computer.

    It is very important the backups steps (above) are completed before the client leaves the other accounting firm to ensure he/she will have access to it after the transfer to your firm is complete.

  3. Create a new CBS ASP client in your NetStaff portal.
  4. Create a new CBS ASP NetClient login for your client.
  5. Have the client log in and restore his/her current backups.

CBS is Installed on the Client's Computer and/or CBS ASP

  1. If possible, get a backup of the Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) data from the other firm. If this is not possible, you will need to create a new CSA client, using the same client id the client is currently using in Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS). You can view the client's id in CBS by going to Utilities > Administrator Utilities.

  2. You do not have to setup the chart of accounts, checkbooks, vendors, or employees in CSA because that information will transfer from CBS during your first retrieval.

  3. The CBS Master License will need to be updated. The CBS Master License is kept in CSA so you will need to download your latest CSA licenses under Help > About CSA. If using CSA on Virtual Office, we will update your CBS Master License for you here.

  4. In Accountant's Assistant, create a Generate setup file that contains Licenses and any other setup information that you will be changing for the client. For example, if the other accounting firm had the client use the "Export via the Internet" option to transmit the export files, you may want to disable that option. You can do so in Setup > Miscellaneous Information and then you will want to include the CheckWriter Miscellaneous Information in the generate file. Click here for more information on generating.

  5. Send that file to your client to import. If your client is using CBS ASP, you can log in as the client and do the import from your own computer.

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