Sharing client notes with the Practice CS Client Management module

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Important reminder!

Product support for Engagement CS is ending on September 30, 2020. See Engagement CS license expiration 2020 - frequently asked questions for more information.

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of Creative Solutions Accounting.

If your firm is licensed for the Client Management module of Practice CS in addition to CSA, you can view CSA client notes in Practice CS. For client notes to be transferred, the data file location for Practice CS must be entered in the File Locations tab of the CSA Setup > User Preferences dialog and the note itself must be formatted a specific way.

  • For general instructions on using client notes in CSA, please refer to the Using client notes in CSA topic.
  • For a client note from CSA to display in Practice CS, the client ID and EIN must be identical in the two programs.

For setup steps specific to Practice CS, please view the help topic in Practice CS called Integrating client notes from CS Professional Suite Accounting Products.

Specifying the Practice CS data location from CSA

  1. From the CSA main window, choose Setup > User Preferences.
  2. In the File Locations tab of the User Preferences dialog, specify the location in which the Practice CS data resides, for example, C:\WINCSI\Practice CS Data.

  3. Click OK.

Formatting client notes for use with Practice CS

The formatting of client notes determines whether they are transmitted to Practice CS or retained only in CSA. By understanding a few formatting rules, you can control which text in the Client Notes dialog in CSA carries over to Practice CS.

The following guidelines will help you control client note integration.

Concluding a client note for use with Practice CS

There are two ways to conclude a client note.


In this screenshot, note the following about the Client Notes dialog.

  1. Two blank lines conclude the note.
  2. No preceding date is used for notes that are for CSA use only.
  3. The correctly formatted date ends the previous note and begins a new integrated note.
  4. A single blank line between the text means that the next line of text is to be included in the same note.

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