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Important reminder!

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS (but not Engagement CS) permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

For details, see CSA license expiration 2017 – frequently asked questions.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of these CSA modules.

For your convenience, the Transmittal Letter Editor allows you to insert bitmap images (for example, Company logos) as well as other objects into your transmittal letter. Some of the other object types include:

For a complete list of object types, choose Insert > Object to open the Insert Object dialog, and scroll down the list of object types.

Create New

To open the application associated with the new object type, mark the Create New checkbox.

Example: When the Create New checkbox is marked, clicking Bitmap Image opens a version of Microsoft Paint (if the application is installed on your PC) within the Transmittal Letter Editor window. Note, however, that new objects can only be created if you have that particular application installed on your PC.

Create from File

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