Using the Engagement CS pull-down menu in Excel

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Important reminder!

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS (but not Engagement CS) permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

For details, see CSA license expiration 2017 – frequently asked questions.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of these CSA modules.

The Engagement CS pull-down menu appears below the main Excel toolbar(s) when Excel is launched from Engagement CS.

Click the Engagement CS pull-down menu from the toolbar while the workpaper is open in the Engagement CS workspace, or when you launch the Excel workpaper outside of Engagement CS.

See also: Opening an Excel Workpaper

Special information

You can select the following items from the Engagement CS pull-down menu or click the appropriate button on the Engagement CS toolbar to perform the following functions

Menu details

Button name
Button image
Insert Multiple Formulas /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-insert_mult_formula.gif Use this option to add, subtract, multiple, or divide two or more CSA formulas together.
Clear During Roll Forward /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-clearduringrollforward.gif Use this option to select cells that contain information (such as workpaper reference, tickmarks, or procedure completed signoffs) and flag those cells to be cleared when the workpaper is rolled forward into next year's engagement.


  • Signoffs and workpaper references entered in PPC's Office-Based Practice Aids will automatically be removed during the roll forward process. These fields do not need to be cleared during roll forward.
  • To remove the clear-during-roll-forward setting for a cell in an Excel workpaper, first delete the cell and then reinsert it into the workpaper.
Recalculate /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-recalculate.gif Use this option to recalculate the workpaper(s) for changes made in the client since the Excel workbook it was last opened or created. For example, changes to the trial balance or journal entries.
Hide > Show zero balance rows /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-hide-show_zerobalrows.gif Use this option to hide or show zero balance rows on Excel workpapers. Affected rows remain hidden or revealed until the opposite option is selected, even if the balances change. You can choose to apply this option to the active worksheet or all worksheets in the current workbook.
Insert Workpaper Link /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-wplink.gif

Use this option to insert a hyperlink to another workpaper within the current engagement. You can choose Tasks > Update Workpaper Links from Engagement CS to update the workpaper name and reference for workpaper links inserted into Microsoft Excel when the targeted workpaper name or reference has been changed.

Note: The update workpaper links utility will not update workpapers that are currently checked out from the engagement. These workpapers will need to be checked back into the Master Client Data (MCD) before the links can be updated successfully.

Tickmarks /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-tickmarks.gif Allows you to insert predefined tickmarks from the CSA client data into the selected cell of the workpaper.
Tickmark Legend /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-tickmarklegend.gif Allows you to insert a Tickmark Legend containing predefined tickmarks from the CSA client data into the selected cell of the workpaper.
Checkmark /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-checkmark.gif Allows you to insert a checkmark in the workpaper or document.
N/A /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-n-a.gif Allows you to insert N/A in the workpaper or document.
Help /_images/acct_pr/csa/btn-help.gif Allows you to open Help topics related to Engagement CS and Excel integration.

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