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Important reminder!

Product support for Engagement CS is ending on September 30, 2020. See Engagement CS license expiration 2020 - frequently asked questions for more information.

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of Creative Solutions Accounting.

There are three different methods to refresh documents in the engagement workspace depending on whether you want to refresh a single document, all documents, or only those that are flagged as outdated in the Tree View window.

To refresh only the document that is currently selected in the Tree View window, choose Edit > Refresh Document.

To refresh all documents in the engagement, choose Edit > Refresh All Documents. Depending on the number of documents that are in the engagement this could take several minutes.

To refresh only those documents in the engagement that are flagged as outdated, choose Edit > Refresh Outdated Documents. A Refresh documents on demand refresh documents on demand toggle button is available on the Engagement CS toolbar to turn this command ON or OFF.

Refreshing outdated documents on demand

Engagement CS provides you with a time-saving feature that allows you to refresh documents on demand in the engagement workspace. When this toggle is ON, and there are outdated documents in the current engagement, the document changes to red text and a number appears in the Warning column of the Tree View window. This visual reminder assists you in determining the status of documents and workpapers before continuing with the next step in the engagement, such as signing off on a document.

refresh documents on demand Use the Refresh documents on demand button from the Engagement CS toolbar to toggle the on-demand feature ON and OFF for documents within the current engagement.

Toggle on

When the toggle button is ON (pressed), you can open, update, and close workpapers multiple times without invoking an automatic refresh of the workpapers within the engagement. Workpapers that are outdated appear in the Tree View window in red text with an associated number in the Warning column for that item.

Choose Edit > Refresh > Refresh Outdated Documents to refresh only those documents that have been flagged as outdated (red items) in the Tree View window.

Note: When the documents are refreshed, they no longer appear as red in the Tree View window, and the warning number is cleared from the Warning column.

Toggle off

When the toggle button is OFF (not pressed), workpapers refresh automatically when saved and closed.


  • When the on-demand toggle is ON (pressed), changing the Name or Workpaper Reference for an engagement document in the Workpaper Properties dialog triggers it to be outdated in the Tree View window. When it is OFF (not pressed), the outdated document is refreshed automatically in the Tree View window.
  • When outdated documents exist in the engagement, the application prompts to refresh the current document or entire engagement when you perform any of the following tasks:
    • To sign off or modify an existing sign off requires the current document to be refreshed if it is outdated. This includes signoffs for single documents, multiple documents, or the entire engagement.

      Note: If the Refresh upon Signoff option is marked in the Engagement User Preferences dialog, the document is automatically refreshed upon sign off whether the on-demand toggle is turned ON or OFF.

    • Wrap up the engagement (refresh required).
    • Send an engagement to FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom. This process can be completed without refreshing documents in the engagement, but to do so may produce inaccurate information.
    • Print a single document or an entire engagement. This process can be completed without refreshing documents in the engagement, but to do so may produce inaccurate information.
    • Check in/Check out documents to/from the engagement. Updating outdated documents is required when you check them out, but the check-in process enables you to refresh outdated documents at a later time.
    • Synchronize documents in the engagement (refresh required).
    • Whether the Refresh documents on-demand toggle is ON or OFF, the following processes in Engagement CS require an automatic refresh.
      • Insert new document
      • Copy > Paste document
      • Insert new engagement
      • Roll Forward
      • Convert Engagement
      • Retrieve PPC Reference Library documents
      • Disconnect > Reconnect

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