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A period indicator is a symbol or code that specifies the time period from which to pull amounts for a specific column, cell, or group of cells. A period indicator can specify Year-to-Date, Current Period, Cumulative, and Beginning Balance amounts for the current year, for the future year, or for up to 9 preceding years.

In Cell mode, make your selection from the drop-down list in the Period field of the properties box, or press F5 to open the Formula dialog for a complete list of period indicators.

Special information

The following are examples of period indicators that you may enter directly or select from the Formula dialog.

Current year
C1 ... C12 Period 1 ... Period 12
CB Current Year Beginning Balance
CM Current Memo
CP Current Period
CP-1 ... CP-12 1 Period Ago ... 12 Periods Ago
CT Current Year Total
CY Current Year-to-Date
CZ Current Year Cumulative (excludes the beginning balance)
Future year
FP Future Period
FY Future Year-to-Date
FZ Future Year Cumulative (excludes the beginning balance)
Prior years
1P1 ... 1P12 1 Prior Year Ago Period 1 ... 1 Prior Years Ago Period 12
9P1 ... 9P12 9 Prior Years Ago Period 1 ... 9 Prior Years Ago Period 12
1PB ... 9PB 1 Prior Year Ago Beginning Balance ... 9 Prior Years Ago Beginning Balance
1PM ... 9PM 1 Prior Year Ago Memo ... 9 Prior Years Ago Memo
1PP ... 9PP 1 Prior Year Ago Current Period ... 9 Prior Years Ago Current Period
1PY ... 9PY 1 Prior Year Ago Year-to-Date ... 9 Prior Years Ago Year-to-Date
1PT ... 9PT 1 Prior Year Ago Year Total ... 9 Prior Years Ago Year Total
1PZ ... 9PZ 1 Prior Year Ago Cumulative ... 9 Prior Years Ago Cumulative

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