Payroll Solution (DOS) conversion issues

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Important reminder!

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS (but not Engagement CS) permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

For details, see CSA license expiration 2017 – frequently asked questions.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of these CSA modules.

Payroll CS includes a utility for converting existing client data from The Payroll Solution (DOS). If any client is currently open when you begin the conversion process, the system automatically closes that client database before beginning the conversion process.

To complete the conversion of client data from The Payroll Solution (DOS product), follow the steps listed in the topic Converting client data from Payroll Solution (DOS) > WS2.

Special information

Payroll Solution [Utilities menu, Data Conversion]

The following information will transfer from the selected Payroll Solution (DOS) client. After completing the conversion, please review the converted information in the Payroll CS windows and dialogs listed below.

Data Item Converted Location in Payroll CS
Chart of Accounts Setup > Chart of Accounts
Checkbooks Setup > Checkbooks
Client name, address, and states to process File > Client Properties
Departments Setup > Departments
Employee Information Setup > Employees
Employee templates Setup > Employee Templates
Localities Setup > System Configuration > Payroll Tax Information > Local
Payroll items Setup > System Configuration > Pay Items
Setup > System Configuration > Deduction Items
Setup > System Configuration > Withholding Items
Miscellaneous information Setup > System Configuration > Payroll Tax Information (Federal and Local Tax Information dialogs)
Vendor name, address, general ledger account(s), standard checks Setup > Vendors

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