Backing up data from Virtual Office CS or SaaS applications

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Product support for Engagement CS is ending on September 30, 2020. See Engagement CS license expiration 2020 - frequently asked questions for more information.

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of Creative Solutions Accounting.

Follow these steps to back up data from Virtual Office CS or SaaS Creative Solutions Accounting™ (CSA) to your local hard drive.

  1. Create a folder on your local hard drive named CSAbackups.
    1. Double-click the My Computer icon.
    2. Double-click the C:\ drive.
    3. Choose File > New > Folder.
    4. Name the folder CSAbackups.
  2. Open CSA in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment.
  3. Back up client data.
    1. In Creative Solutions Accounting, choose File > Backup.
    2. Choose Clients from the first field in the Backup dialog.
    3. Double-click one or more of the clients listed in the left (Available) pane to move them to the right (Selected) pane, or click the Select All button.
    4. Click the Change Backup Location button, navigate to V:\CSAbackups, and click OK.
    5. Click the Backup button.
  4. Back up global data (applicable to all clients).
    1. Choose File > Backup.
    2. Choose System Data from the first field in the Backup dialog.
    3. Click the Select All button to move all global data items to the selected pane.
    4. Verify that V:\CSAbackups appears in the Backup location field.
    5. Click the Backup button.
  5. Close CSA in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment.
  6. If your firm uses custom stamps in Engagement CS and is licensed for Microsoft Office applications in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment, back up the custom stamps.

Note: If your firm uses custom stamps but is not licensed for Microsoft Office applications, a Support representative can retrieve these items for you. To contact support, call 800.968.0600 and follow the prompts for Web Services.

  1. Open Word through Virtual Office CS or SaaS.
  2. In Word, choose File > Open.
  3. In the pane on the left, expand Computer, expand the Y drive (which is last in the list), and navigate to the folder in which your firm stores custom stamps.

Many firms store custom stamps in Y:\OfficeDocs or Y:\CSASys\Layouts, but your firm may have chosen to store them in a different folder.

  1. Select the stamps and press CTRL+C to copy them.
  2. Navigate to the CSAbackups folder on your hard drive and press CTRL+V to paste the files.
  3. Click Cancel to close the Open dialog in Word and then close Word.

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