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Available only for year 2003 and later

CSA provides a way to correct and resubmit W-2s. If you have submitted an incorrect W-2 form, follow these steps to create an amended W-2 form (Form W-2c).

  1. Choose Utilities > W-2 Form Processing > W-2c Form Processing. Choose the appropriate year for the W-2 you want to correct.
  2. In the W-2c Form Processing dialog, choose either the Print all employees option or the Print selected employees option. Print selected employees will display the list of employees in the Employee Selection grid, where you can specify which you want to print by moving them to the right-hand pane.
  3. Click the Employee Information tab. The first visit to each employee record will retrieve their information automatically. To refresh the current employee's information, click the Retrieve button. To refresh all employee information, choose File > Retrieve all.
  4. Override and replace any incorrect employee information in the grid. You can move from one employee to the next or the previous by using the Employee navigation buttons.
  5. Mark the checkboxes to the left of any information you are correcting.
  6. Click the W-3c Information tab. In the Incorrect information group box, enter the incorrect information you are correcting in the appropriate fields. In the Corrected information group box, enter the correct information for the W-3c form. Enter the appropriate information in the General/Signature information group box.

    Note: For 501c Non-government employers: If you are not correcting the client's kind of employer information, the Kind of Employer checkboxes should both be marked in this tab. If you are correcting the client's kind of employer information, the status of the two checkboxes must differ.

  7. Click the Form Selection tab and mark the checkboxes for the copies you want to print. As with regular W-2 processing, mark the Create W-2c File checkbox if you want to create W-2c files.
  8. Click the Print button to print the W-2c forms and/or create the W-2c files.

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