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Important reminder!

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS (but not Engagement CS) permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

For details, see CSA license expiration 2017 – frequently asked questions.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of these CSA modules.

The Direct Deposit module integrates with Payroll CS and allows you to create files that adhere to Automated Clearing House (ACH) standards for direct deposit transmissions. You can use the application to create ACH files for both payroll check deposits and tax deposits.

The Direct Deposit module functions as an integral part of the Payroll CS application. After setting up the necessary information for each client and payroll agent on the Direct Deposit-specific views, you enter checks as usual in the Payroll CS data entry windows. It makes payroll processing even easier, and your clients will appreciate having the option of direct deposit payroll processing and tax payment processing.

Setup and processing

Setup example

The Payroll CS Guide to Handling Direct Deposit (PDF) contains an extended example describing the client setup and processing steps for direct deposit.

One-time setup

Create a deduction item to subtract the amount of an employee's direct deposit from their paycheck. Note that a net income percentage deduction item called Direct Deposit is already included with the application and is available for use with any company and any employee. If you wish, however, you may create your own deduction items.

Client setup

After gathering the appropriate information for direct deposit setup, you will need to complete a number of setup steps for the selected client.

Normal payroll processing

If the employee is having the entire amount of the paycheck direct deposited, the amount of the deduction will be the full amount of the net pay, leaving $0.00 to be paid with a paper check. An employee having only a portion of their net pay direct deposited will have a smaller deduction. Once you have completed all the setup steps, the printing of the checks that have direct deposit amounts will automatically create the electronic transactions (called EPS files). See Printing payroll checks for more information.

ACH processing

Choose Utilities > Direct Deposit and then select the specific EPS files to include in the ACH file that will be submitted to the bank.

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Payroll CS Guide to Handling Direct Deposit (PDF)

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