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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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Payroll CS

Payroll CS is a powerful and full-featured tool that can help your accounting firm make payroll reporting and checkwriting profitable and practice-building. Operating with the Creative Solutions Accounting platform, Payroll CS automates virtually every routine payroll task.

Features & benefits

Easy to use, with professional results

  • Processes hourly and salaried employees, with most information for a payroll check pulled in automatically from the employee records.
  • Automatically generates payroll checks for salaried employees with just one mouse click.
  • Supports remote payroll time entry and remote check printing for clients through NetClient CS portals.
  • Supports electronic delivery of W-2 forms to employees through secure NetClient CS portals with Web Employee.
  • Allows on-the-fly updating of employee records and provides employee templates to make employee setup even easier.
  • Enables you to use MICR check printing so you don't have to worry about maintaining supplies of preprinted check stock - and also offers both letter-size and legal-size check formats, attractive fonts, shading, and graphics-capabilities for checks.
  • Includes custom fieldviews for quick setup of client and employee information.
  • Provides user access to federal, state, and local tax tables for easy updating without having to purchase annual updates.
  • Includes several styles of data-entry worksheets to facilitate the communication of payroll information from the client to the accountant.
  • Supports direct deposit, impounding, and pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation through add-on modules.
  • Supports paperless document storage through integration with FileCabinet CS.

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  • Allows an unlimited number of pay items, deduction items, and withholding items.
  • Allows you to choose calculations of gross pay and withholdings based on a specified net pay amount.
  • Automatically calculates and reports hours used and accrued for benefits like vacation, sick time, and personal time.
  • Accommodates employees who work in multiple departments or who are subject to multiple taxing authorities.
  • Processes cafeteria-plan deductions, retirement plan deductions, and company matching amounts.
  • Allows you to set maximum limits on a deduction for automatic turn off.
  • Handles FICA calculations for reported tip income, calculates tip pay based on employee sales or hours worked, and automatically calculates allocated tips.
  • Handles piecework payroll.
  • Supports certified payroll and daily time entry.
  • Calculates garnishments as a percent of gross or net pay.
  • Automatically calculates EIC payments, and supports two-tier minimum wage and state-specific minimum wage.
  • Calculates additional withholdings, bonuses, or commissions.
  • Calculates amounts and creates checks for federal tax deposits.
  • Handles an unlimited number of state and local tax withholdings for each employee.
  • Displays diagnostics of withholding calculations.
  • Automatically generates vendor checks for payroll agents based on that same data-entry information.

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Comprehensive reports

  • Provides numerous forms, reports and worksheets. See Payroll reports
  • Allows you to customize report presentation - including the data to include, the collation sequence, custom headers, and the number of copies to print.

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Data conversion and integration

  • Enables data integration with other CS Professional Suite applications, including Write-Up CS.
  • Automatically creates the journal entry back to Write-Up CS for accrued payroll taxes based on the information from the payroll check records.

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