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Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS (but not Engagement CS) permanently expired on March 1, 2017. CSA will not include 2017 tax rates or payroll forms, so, for 2017 and beyond, you will need to process payroll in another application. We recommend Accounting CS Payroll and myPay Solutions. For more information, see the following topics.

Use the Choose Licensee dialog to review the licenses that will be generated for your client (or for your own firm). If you double-click on either the Demonstration company or the Accountant's license, you can select which, if any, additional module licenses to send to your client in the Select additional module licenses to generate dialog.

The Choose Licensees dialog opens when you click the Generate button on the Tasks > Generate dialog.

The Choose Licensee dialog lists all of the CBS company licenses that you have purchased - for your own firm or for your CBS clients - and whether or not a license is available for each of the following optional modules or application versions:

PayCheck CBS PayCheck (Optional client module.)
AP CBS Accounts Payable (Optional client module.)
AR CBS Accounts Receivable (Optional client module.)
FS CBS Financial Statements (Optional client module.)
IO CBS In Office (Version available for an accounting firm interested in providing service bureau AP and AR processing. For additional information, contact your CS Customer Service representative.)
ASP CBS ASP (Application Service Provider version available for use via high-speed internet connection through a NetClient CS portal. For additional information, contact your CS Sales representative.)

Mark the checkbox for each license you want to generate for the current client and then click the Generate button.

Fields & buttons

Click this button to generate the Transfer Files for the selected features in the directory specified in the Generate field in the Setup > File Locations dialog within Accountant's Assistant.

Mark the checkbox for each additional CBS client module license that you want to generate for this client.

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