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Product support for Engagement CS is ending on September 30, 2020. See Engagement CS license expiration 2020 - frequently asked questions for more information.

Licenses for Payroll CS, Trial Balance CS, and Write-Up CS permanently expired on March 1, 2017.

Some processes documented in the Help & How-To Center are no longer applicable, due to the discontinuation of Creative Solutions Accounting.

The Special Timing dialog allows you to specify any special timing for the selected pay item. In order for special timing to be active, at least one of the Special timing checkboxes must be unmarked in the dialog. When special timing is active, the text next to the Special Timing button on the Special Information tab will display Special Timing: On.

Mark (or unmark) the checkboxes as appropriate for the calculation timing of the selected pay item. To base special timing on the check date rather than the period end date, mark the Check date based special timing checkbox.


  • This dialog is only available if one of the following special types is selected for the pay item:
    • Calc - % of Conditional Pay
    • Calc - % of Pay
    • Calc - Conditional Hourly Amt
    • Calc - Fixed Amount
    • Calc - $ per Hrs Worked
  • If you leave the period end date or check date (depending on the selection you have made) blank during payroll check data entry in Payroll CS, the program calculates the selected pay item only if all five checkboxes in this dialog are marked.
  • For a new pay item, all five checkboxes are marked as the default setting, meaning that the pay item will always be calculated.

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