Financial Analysis CS There is a Problem Accessing the SQL Server

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When Financial Analysis CS is running on a workstation that does not host the Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server) database, network connectivity issues can interfere with the proper operation of Financial Analysis CS.

The particular message that accompanies this text varies based upon the context in which the connectivity issue arises. Examples of some of these messages are:

The first step in determining the cause of the connection issue is to determine if it is caused by Financial Analysis CS or an outside environmental source. To do this attempt to establish a connection to MS SQL outside of Financial Analysis CS using an ODBC connection.

Create an ODBC connection through Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Data Sources (ODBC)

  1. Click Add.
  2. Choose SQL Server and click Finish.
  3. Enter a Name and Description (anything will do), then enter the Server\Instance name (ex. MachineName\CSI_FAS).
  4. Click Next until you get the pop-up window showing the ODBC MS SQL Server Setup window.
  5. Click the Test Connection button or the Test Data Source button if on Windows 7.
  6. If this succeeds then retry Financial Analysis CS.

For additional ODBC configuration details click here.

If the ODBC connection is successful but Financial Analysis still does not work

If the ODBC connection fails:

This indicates that the workstation is unable to connect to the SQL Server application on the server. The following information may be useful in determining the cause or fixing the problem.

Note: You may need the assistance of your network technician to complete the steps below.

Note: Microsoft also provides the following SQL Server Connectivity Troubleshooting in the following KB Topics:


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