Setting up journal entry transaction templates

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Workpapers CS enables you to set up transaction templates that contain information for the application to use as default information for journal entry transactions. When the application creates transactions from a template, it automatically enters the information saved in the template into the appropriate fields of the transaction record.

  1. Choose Setup > Transaction Templates.
  2. Select the appropriate journal entry subtype and journal.
  3. If all transactions created from this template will use the same reference and description, enter that info in the Reference and Description fields.
  4. If applicable, enter information in the following fields.
    • Auto-reverse next period. (For Adjusting subtypes) Mark this checkbox to have the application reverse the journal entry when advancing to the next posting period.
    • WP reference. Enter a workpaper reference number.
    • Difference. (For Other, Reclassifying, and Tax adjustment subtypes) Select the applicable difference type - Permanent or Temporary.
    • Misstatement. (For Potential subtypes) Select the applicable misstatement type - Known classification, Known misstatement, Projected classification, or Projected misstatement.
  5. Enter applicable information in each of the tabbed pages below.
  6. Click Enter to save the template.

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