Report Designer: Adding and using logo and signature images

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Adding images to the application

Workpapers CS enables you to add image files for one logo and up to three signatures to the Firm record. These images will be available in the Report Designer for selection on reports, financial statements, and letters. Valid image formats are BMP, PNG, or JPG files.

Note: Images and signatures cannot be re-sized after they have been uploaded to Workpapers CS. We recommend that you resize the image to the proportions that you expect to see on the document. For example, if you have a document that requires an image that is 1.5 inches (144 pixels) X 1.5 inches, we recommend that you resize the original image to those dimensions using a third-party application (such as Microsoft Paint or Photoshop), and then add it to Workpapers CS.

Adding images for your firm

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Firm and click the Images tab.
  2. To add an image file, click the Ellipsis button button next to the relevant field.
  3. In the Insert Image dialog, click the Insert button.
  4. In the Open dialog, browse to the desired image file, and then click the Open button.
  5. The application displays the image in the Insert Image dialog. If the image is acceptable, click the Done button. To add a different image, click the Insert button and browse to the desired image.
  6. Click Enter to save the image with the Firm record.

Note: You can add up to three firm signature images to the application. From the Variables section of the Design Tools frame in the Report Designer, you can insert Signature 1, Signature 2, or Signature 3 into a workpaper or document.

Using logo and signature images in reports, financial statements, or letters

After you add a logo and signature image to the firm record, you can select a variable from the Report Designer to include those images in a selected report.

  1. In the Report Designer, open a report, financial statement, or letter.
  2. Highlight the cell where you want to insert logo or signature.
  3. Choose Insert > Variable.
  4. In the Variables tree, expand the Firm > Images group.
  5. Left-click the variable that you want to insert (for example, [Firm.Images.Logo] or [Firm.Images.Signature 1, 2, or 3]), and drag it to the desired location on the report, financial statement, or letter.

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