How to set up scheduled backups

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Workpapers CS utilizes a Microsoft SQL Database. Because of its special nature, many backup utility programs can not back up a SQL database and, therefore, the Workpapers CS database may not be being backed up or backed up in a way that the database can be properly restored.

To address this issue, Workpapers CS provides the ability to automatically create backups on a regularly scheduled basis to a selected location on the data server. These backup files can then be subsequently copied and stored by the backup utility being used for the rest of the firm's data files. These files can also be restored by your network technician with the use of Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

To set up a scheduled backup in Workpapers CS

  1. Choose File > Backup.

    Note: You can enter a file location in the Backup file field and OK to create a one time backup of the current database.

  2. Click the Schedule backups to occur link in the Backup dialog.
  3. Mark the Schedule backups to occur checkbox.
  4. Select the day of the week or select daily from the drop-down list and select the time of day that you want to perform the backup.

    Note: The scheduled backup will be performed even if Workpapers CS is not running. The backup will also be performed if staff are actively using Workpapers CS.

  5. In the Please enter a destination path for your Firm backup files field, enter or browse to the path of the folder in which you want create the backup files.

    Note: The folder must exist and reside on the same data server on which your live SQL database resides.

  6. In the User name and Password fields enter a Windows Login and Password for the data server.

    Note: The user name and password must have write privilege to the folder specified in previous step. We recommend that the user be a server administrator.

  7. Click OK. (You will receive a message that indicates that the scheduled backup was saved successfully and that the application will create a test backup.)
  8. Click OK to create the test backup file.
  9. When you open the backup folder, you will find a backup file called ScheduledBackupTest.bdf.

When the first scheduled backup occurs, Workpapers CS will backup your database to a file called Backup.bdf in the specified folder. When the next scheduled backup occurs, the applications renames Backup.bdf to BackupArchive001.bdf and creates a new Backup.bdf from the current database. With each subsequent scheduled backup, Workpapers CS renames the archived backups, incrementing the file number by 1 and backs up the current database to Backup.bdf. After the eleventh scheduled backup, when there are ten archived backups plus the current Backup.bdf. The application deletes BackupArchive010.bdf. Rename the remaining files and create the next current backup. Thus, at any time, the folder will contain the current backup called Backup.bdf plus the last ten backups named BackupArchive001.bdf through BackupArchive010.bdf.

In order to ensure your Workpapers CS database is safely stored off the data server, your automatic backup utility should be set to copy Backup.bdf from the specified backup folder if you want just the backup of the current database or all eleven *.bdf files from the folder if you wish to include the current backup plus the last ten backup files.

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